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Dormio Normo enables soothing and optimal sleeping environment, and have pressure relieving and temperature regulating Vita Talalay Latex composition. These pillows cure lower pain, snoring and sleep disorders.

  • Size: 17″ X 27″ : 45 cm X 75 cm | Color: White


Size: 17″ X 27″ : 45 cm X 75 cm | Color: White

Material: Outer Surface 100% cotton terry | Inner 100% waterproof PVC | Package Contents – 1 Pillow

Zippered And Machine Washable

Breathable And Cool For Breathable Sleep | Maximum Protection From Allergens

Wash Care: First few wash separately | Cold machine wash | Do not use strong Detergent | Do not Bleach | Do not Tumble Dry | Do not soak for a long time | Dry In Shade

A pillow for everyone

You can experience comfort that is class apart by choosing the right pillow from our pressure relieving and temperature regulating Vita Talalay Latex collection. Our pillows ensure that the neck and shoulders are relaxed and the cervical spine is kept straight even in the sideways sleeping position. With Dormio, all you have to worry about is waking up the next morning.

A pillow that meets all your comfort needs

Dormio Normo is supportive and soft. It includes the essentials for a relaxed, comfortable sleep retaining health and hygiene features. This is ideal to make your sleep complete and sound.


1. Designed for comfort

Therapeutic designs help relax shoulder and neck muscles. Thus, provide supreme comfort.

2. Healthy sleep

With the use of our superior materials, Dormio pillows are created to provide a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

3. Anti-allergic & Anti-Dust mites

The Talalay Latex properties ensure that all our pillows are anti-allergic and free from dust mites.

4. High breathability

 High breathability provided by Dormio products leads to better comfort and good health.

5. Improved blood circulation

A pressure relieving mattress and pillow is appropriate for blood flow and allows you to sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

6. Climate Comfort System

Our mattresses and pillows are soft, breathable and naturally crafted which helps control humidity and regulate body temperature.

3 reviews for Dormio Normo

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    Arpit Chaturvedi

    If you ever think of Mattress, Pillow or anything related to it , go for Dormio only as their product quality is upto the mark, for me it is the satisfying experience , i will surely recommend to my friends & relatives….

  2. Nazir Ahmad

    Nazir Ahmad

    I was always fussy about my and my partner’s sleeping habits. I have tried several brands but nothing was satisfying me. Ultimately, I chose Dormio Normo that has enabled soothing and optimal sleeping environment, and have pressure relieving and temperature regulating Vita Talalay Latex composition.

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    A good pillow is equally important as a good mattress which most people ignore.

    I’ve been someone who had sleep difficulties for a very long time and I was finally able to identify the Culprit ” A bad Pillow”

    What makes this Pillow different is it’s shredded Talalay latex which is Super adjustable. It’s never hard on your neck or goes flat. The right amount of comfort and you can choose to remove or add the fill. And it’s super soft and supportive at the same time. A combination which is extremely hard to achieve.

    Over the last 4 months I tried several Pillows and here’s a brief rundown.

    Sleepycat Pillows # Sinking without neck Support because of the notorious air flow holes

    Hush Pillows # Either hard or goes flat without providing neck support

    Urban bed Pillows # Extremely hard

    IKEA Pillows # Sinking no neck support

    Morning Owl Pillows # Cheap Petro chemical mix latex. Bad smell and no neck support

    Solora Pillow # Sinking without neck support

    This is genuine Talalay latex which doesn’t smell bad. I mean at all. It’s similar to the best Pillows in the World “The Coop home good” adjustable shredded pillows. But this is latex rather than memory foam.

    This is good for all types of sleepers however side sleepers and stomach sleepers will benefit a lot.

    My Pillow search ends here and I hope urs will too.

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